In 2014, the Andrus Family Fund revisited its mission and its grantmaking. We wanted to better reflect our commitment to social justice and racial equity, which meant aligning our work with these core principles. This also meant thinking critically about AFF’s governance, staffing, operations and processes. As part of this effort, we revisited the Andrus Family Philanthropy Programs, which we offer to young people who are part of the extended Andrus family.

We engaged two wonderful consultants — Bari Katz and Alyson Wise — to help us rethink the curriculum for the Board Experiential Training program (BETS). BETS is a leadership and young adult development program offered to extended Andrus family members between the ages of 18 and 24. Together we designed a curriculum that introduces social justice principles and themes, as well as explores the importance of having these values live deeply within philanthropy. It was piloted with great success in 2014.

Over the past two years we have fielded questions from the broader philanthropic community about next generation engagement and how to help young people do this work with social justice values at the center. The result is this curriculum, which we are proud to share with you today.

The lessons in this curriculum are not limited to youth philanthropy programs. I think they have the opportunity to impact anyone who is committed to social justice and equity. We envision teachers, community-based organizations, philanthropic institutions and others taking this work and helping re-create the vision of what community and social justice philanthropy looks like.

We look forward to your feedback and working with you and the young people in your communities to redefine philanthropy. Together, we will continue to work toward a more just, sustainable and equitable world.


Leticia Peguero
Andrus Family Fund, Executive Director